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Ann Chery Full Body Shaper

Ann Chery has been a leading company bringing the longstanding and proud tradition of the South American Faja to the whole world. As one of the top brands, Ann Chery offers a wide range of styles for body cincher with goof customer service and also a commitment to furthering innovation in the industry of shapewear. As a top brand of shapewear, Ann Chery starts the biggest change to the world’s passion on shapewear when a famous Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her wearing one of Ann Chery shapewear. The posted image indicated that the fabulous hourglass figure was the result of wearing that waist training corset. Apparently, the waist trainer worked very well for shaping that gorgeous curvy figure that makes every woman is triggered to experience herself that benefit.

Based on the floated rumors about Kim Kardashian with her waist training corset, it is known that she only use one brand of shapewear that is Ann Chery. This fact is the starting point of Ann Chery to become very familiar shapewear company. Since it started its booming as a top brand of shapewear, most people becomes curious about every product of Ann Chery. And then, here we are, answering your curiosity about Ann Chery body shaper.
When we talk about the perfect figure, you might have different measurement about the criteria of the perfect one. But when we speak of body cincher, most of us might agree that wearing any style of shapewear more or less benefits us in this effort to shape our body for becoming perfect. If you are on a serious plan to form your body, this Ann Chery Full Body Shaper might be perfect for you. If you are not sure which product of full body shaper is right for you, take a look at the list pf the most popular Ann Chery Full Body Shaper below.

1. Strapless Powernet Shaper


This strong control shaper of Ann Chery features a unique elastic band that sits right under the bust securely and gives you plenty of strapless staying power.  This shapewear is made of PowerNet fabric which is a revolutionary material providing breathable slimming from the midriff to the thigh.

2. The Transformer Firm Control Bodysuit


This shapewear is suitable for you who are looking for a little more coverage without compromising your sexiness. This body shaper puts a sleek and seductive spin on body-transforming shapewear. This shapewear is designed with a plunging V-neck, elbow-length sleeves and also front zip closure to make it as one-piece shaper that helps you create a svelte silhouette in seconds. Wearing this shaper benefits you to smooth your back, cinch your waist, and also slim your thighs for a bump-free look under your sexy clothes.

3. Geraldine Bodysuit


This full body cincher helps you takes inches off your waist, abdomen, and hips to create a beautiful curvy shape. With the high compression of this cincher, it helps you smoothen your midsection and hips while also tightening your thighs.
By Pablo

Spring Printed Leggings for Women

Leggings are elastic close-fitting garments which are suitable for activewear outside of sporting activities and also casual style. As the use of leggings is spreading out from sportswear to casual style for daily outfits, manufacturers are competing to provide various options of leggings. Mostly, leggings are provided in solid color, especially in black. Today, we can see leggings in the different colorful pattern, where you can choose leggings with your favorite color and beautiful design printed on them. If you want to have a different look for every workout, you can add some leggings with different color and pattern into your fitness wardrobe. Moreover, you can also add leggings for various seasons so that you are ready to do your workout routines in every season. Especially for spring, we have collected some flattering Sping Printed Leggings for women.

Spring is identical with floral and colorful things. Thanks to the leggings manufacturers, they provide some leggings with a colorful and fancy pattern for your workout in the Spring. You can combine any color you like for every workout outfit. You can be more cheerful during your workout with the eye-catching mixture of different color and pattern. Look at some examples of Spring printed leggings for women, which are dominated by flower pattern.
1.       Alaroo Women’s Printed Design Leggings
Women’s Printed Design Leggings

2.        Sister Amy Women’s Floral Printed Footless Elastic workout Tights LeggingSister Amy Women’s Floral Printed Footless Elastic workout Tights Legging

3.       Ideology Women’s Printed Cropped Capri PantsPrinted Cropped Capri Pants

4.       Ideology Women’s Yoga Printed Full-Length Ankle Leggings with Headband 2-Piece Set
 Ideology Women’s Yoga Printed Full-Length Ankle Leggings

5.       Calvin Klein Performance Women’s Oleander Print Crop LeggingPerformance Women’s Oleander Print Crop Legging

6.       Calvin Klein Performance Women’s Blackthorn Printed Ankle LeggingWomen’s Blackthorn Printed Ankle Legging

7.       OFEEFAN Women’s Digital Print Fold Waist Stretch Skinny Tight Leggings PantsPrint Fold Waist Stretch Skinny Tight

8.       Leopard Floral Printed - ZOANO Women Yoga Pants Gym LeggingsWomen Yoga Pants Gym Leggings

9.       Xiaokong Girls Regular Printed Seamless Spring Autumn LeggingsRegular Printed Seamless Spring Autumn

10.   Ideology Women’s Printed Cropped Leggings Power Blossom XSPrinted Cropped Leggings Power

There are much more options for the pattern, color, and size you can choose to get the best leggings for your workout routines. Almost all available leggings on the market today are made from wicking and elastic material so that you can feel comfortable to wear it during the workout. Since leggings are fit to your legs, you can wear in during the workout in winter to keep your feet warm. While in the hot weather like in the Summer, you can wear shorter leggings to keep your legs fresh during the workout. 
By Pablo

Gym Bags for Women

Never leave home without style, that’s what a woman always do, even to join a gym. You may have everything to wear for all gym classes, but you can’t bring all your stuff without a bag. Gym bags for women is more than just a carrier; it is also a fashion item you should have in your fitness wardrobe. If you want to get a gym bag, you’ll find many types of gym bags available in the store. There’s a gym bag that can fit just the basics fitness wear, one that can go anywhere, and also the one that can carry much more like work clothes, a laptop, and the rest. We don’t know which type of bag you need. We have information about all types so that you can choose the one you need. Fortunately, gym bag options available on the market are fashionable. So, you can take any gym bag to suit your favorites.  

Traveling light gym bag 

This bag is big enough for the essential items like shoes, towel, water bottle, etc. If you require bringing more than just the fitness necessary things, this bag is small enough to be compact and convenient. So, you may need this bag if you get in and out of the gym fast. For beginners, this type might be big enough to accommodate all basic items you need to bring to the gym. 
Since this bag is not big enough to bring the other stuff but fitness wear, so you can use this gym bag when you are not planning to go anywhere else from the gym.  

Additional storage 

This type of gym bag is usually big enough to bring so many things such as sneakers, water bottle, sportswear, and more. There’s another advantage of this bag when it is empty; you can fold and throw this bag in another bag as an extra storage when it is needed. When it is folded, it doesn’t take up much room in a gym locker, too. You can choose the one of this bag with ruched detail so that you have extra space for your stuff. We love the idea of this bag because it can be so much useful not only for going to the gym but also for other occasions.  

Carry it all bag  

If you buy this bag such as Lululemon Effortless Tote, you can bring everything you need for all gym classes. This bag is big enough to accommodate not only your basics but also some other things such as your tablet, game console, and some. You can also bring your laptop in this bag. Usually, there is a side-zipper section for a yoga mat or dirty clothes and is huge enough to fit much more things. 
If you are in a big dilemma among the available options in the store, you can take a choice by asking yourself about what will you need to bring to the gym. You may need to buy all types of gym bag so that you are ready for all possibilities. If you plan to get in the gym for fast, you can use the small traveling light gym bag. If you need to bring some additional stuff, you can use extra storage gym bag with a bigger space for all your stuff. You just need to take an option that is necessary for you.
By Pablo

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